Academic year 2017-2018: Sangwon Shin

Posted by: Cathy Kim  |  Posted on: June 27th, 2017

Sangwon Shin

Sangwon SHIN (150x200)I am a PhD student at the department of the languages and cultures of Japan and Korea at SOAS, University of London. I have pursued BA in History and Archaeology back at Inje University in Korea, and continued MA in History at SOAS. My academic interest is in social status and structures that existed in Korea in the late Chosŏn dynasty. My current research is on the continuity of slave status within the legal system of Chosŏn in the 19th century focusing on textual and actual dimensions.

I will predominately use this bursary for conducting fieldwork in Korea.

Half of the bursary will be used for the flight ticket. The other half of bursary will be used for living arrangements in Seoul because most primary resources are located in Seoul. Also, it will be spent for transportation to go to meet scholars who are professors in universities throughout Korea.