Virtual Event: Korea’s Four Golden Ages, 8 June 2021

Posted by: Hannah Giles  |  Posted on: May 18th, 2021

Korea’s Four Golden Ages

A Study of Korean History and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites


Tuesday 8th June 2021

6:30pm – 8:00pm via Zoom


Lecturer: David A. Mason



Professor David Mason argues that Korea has enjoyed four distinct “Golden Ages” characterized by strength, prosperity, and the creation of great cultural treasures. The fourth “Golden Age” began as recently as 1988! The previous ages were each about 200 years; in-between them were “dark ages” of mass-scale suffering or stagnation even though some great accomplishments were nevertheless produced.


Professor Mason will introduce the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites associated with each golden, dark, or neutral era, analysing the representative qualities of each. These sites include royal palaces and tombs, Buddhist temples and Confucian academy-shrines, fortresses, and castles, aristocratic villages, and ancient dolmen stones. The audience will experience a fascinating journey through the long history of the several Korean dynasties and modern eras.


The talk will last for 90 minutes, with opportunities to ask questions along the way.


David A. Mason is a Professor of Korean Cultural Tourism at Seoul’s Sejong University, and researcher on the religious characteristics of Korea’s mountains. He previously spent five years as a consultant for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and 14 years before that in academic work in Korea.  He has authored ten books on Korean culture and tourism. He has extensive experience of exploring and tour-guiding Korean sites and areas and is a skilled lecturer and writer.


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