Cranford Community College – Visit Report 2019

Posted by: Cathy Kim  |  Posted on: March 6th, 2020

During the October Half Term 2019, Year 12 and 13 students had the fantastic opportunity to visit South Korea. The trip included two destinations, Pohang and Seoul.

During their time in Pohang, students were able to visit a long standing partner school, Ocheon High School. We were warmly greeted on our arrival and students were able to reunite with friends they had made the previous year when Ocheon High School visited Cranford. The students left their comfort zones as they experienced a homestay and spent three nights living in the homes of their Korean buddies. They attended lessons which ranged from Korean Language to Dance and Maths. We also learnt about Korean culture through not only attending but also participating in a tea ceremony wearing traditional dress. The students enjoyed learning about a culture different from theirs and experiencing different ways of life. They also finally had an opportunity to practise their Korean language skills they had been learning in an extracurricular club held by the Languages Department.

After departing Pohang and a very emotional farewell between the students, we took a (very quiet) sleeper train to Seoul where students could be tourists and sightseers. We visited numerous shopping and food markets, a couple of highlights being the Myeongdong and Cheongyecheon markets, where we were able to experience Korean street food. A highlight of Seoul was viewing the beautiful panoramic views of the city from the Nam San Tower.

The trip was a great experience for both students and staff, students gained confidence in travelling and trying new experiences.

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