BKS Diners – Celebrating Seollal, 18 February 2015

Posted by: Cathy Kim  |  Posted on: January 24th, 2015

A BKS Diners evening was held on 18th February to celebrate Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year.

20 BKS members gathered at Kalbi Korean Restaurant in Rosebery Avenue to enjoy good food and lively company.


Ttoekguk – traditional New Year soup

Seollal is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea. More than just a holiday to mark the beginning of a new year, it is a time for paying respect to ancestors and an opportunity to catch up with distant family members who travel home to get together for this special occasion.

We all enjoyed the traditional New Year’s soup, tteokguk, made with sliced rice cakes, beef, egg, vegetables, and other ingredients.


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