Academic year 2015-2016: Seung Hoon Chae

Posted by: Cathy Kim  |  Posted on: July 10th, 2015

Seung Hoon Chae (MPhil Candidate, Nuffield College, University of Oxford)Seung Hoon Chae

Seung Hoon is currently in his first year of the ‘MPhil Politics: Comparative Government’ programme at the University of Oxford and has a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He served as the President of the Oxford University Korea Society during his undergraduate studies and has been part of initiatives for the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula. Currently he is part of the campaign for a BBC Korean Service (

Seung Hoon believes that a unified Korea in the future will benefit greatly from detailed studies of refugees today. He is particularly interested in what motivates certain refugees to be more vocal about their disapproval of North Korea than others. Seung Hoon plans to test the theories of Yossi Shain (1989) by surveying 100~200 North Korean refugees residing in the U.K. In particular, Seung Hoon wishes to test Shain’s hypothesis on the influence of third country citizenship.