Seollal Reception at the RoK Embassy, 16 March 2018

Posted by: Cathy Kim  |  Posted on: March 28th, 2018

More than 50 BKS members attended a most enjoyable Seollal party to celebrate a little belatedly the New Year on the newly refurbished 7th floor of the RoK Embassy on 16 March.

Our host was Minister Sun Nahmkook, Charge d’affaires since the unexpected recall to Seoul earlier that month of Ambassador Hwang. Many other members of the Embassy were also present.

An array of tempting cocktails welcomed the guests, including some made with Korean soju. After initial socialising, everyone was seated at round tables in this attractive new entertaining space to hear Minister Sun’s words of welcome. Thanking the Society and its members for the work they continue to do in support of the relationship, after more than 60 years, he then spoke briefly about the impressive increase in bilateral activity, especially trade.

Chairman Warwick Morris with Minister Sun

Chairman Warwick Morris with Minister Sun

In reply Chairman Warwick Morris thanked Minister Sun and his colleagues for their very generous hospitality and the dinner that was to come. He said how supportive the Ambassador had been as Joint President of the BKS during his 2 years in London, and echoed the Minister’s remarks about the importance of people-to-people contacts. He congratulated the Koreans on the recent successful Pyeong Chang Olympics. Expressing his gratitude to Warwick for his role over the past 7 years, Minister Sun presented him with a gift, before welcoming his successor, Chairman-designate Martin Uden.

After a delicious Korean buffet, including very tasty traditional items, Paul Wadey, Public Affairs Officer at the Korean Cultural Centre, gave a fascinating illustrated talk on the first Korean diplomats, including Yi Han-eung, to be posted to London, the daunting challenges they faced during the early days of the Japanese occupation, and the remarkable links they had with the Vaughan Williams family.

The talk was very well received, and Paul was congratulated on his work and researches which are on-going. This most enjoyable of evenings ended with further spirited networking and photos.

Special thanks to Sylvia Park of the BKS and First Secretary Chung Kyunghwa of the Embassy for making it happen.

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